What is hernia mesh and why are people suing over it?
August 21, 2018
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January 12, 2019

Over a million hernia mesh surgeries are performed each year. Many patients leave the hospital believing they’ll never have to come back for the same issue. But, did you know that hernia recurrence is one of the most common hernia mesh complications? More than 30% of the people who undergo hernia surgery face complications that vary in severity. Some of these injuries require second or third surgeries. Less often there are those who will have to deal with pain for their entire lives. If you are one of those people who has suffered in the past, it’s important to know there is hope. Here are four ways to cope following a hernia mesh complication.

Removal of the mesh

Hernia mesh complications vary, but there are many. From infection, intestinal and skin issues, hernia recurrence and more. The dangers of some hernia mesh products are indisputable. Antibiotics can cure the minor infections caused by the complications, but as stated above, some people who experience complications because of hernia mesh must get their mesh removed. If your mesh or the area around the mesh insert is hurting you, see your doctor determine whether hernia mesh removal is right for you. There are many ways hernias can be repaired – not just mesh. Get all the options available through your primary caregiver. 

Hernia Mesh Complications Support Groups

A lot of victims of hernia mesh complications think they’re alone, but they aren’t. So many people have gone through the same pain as them, and connecting with those who’ve shared similar experiences can be healing. Many hernia mesh support groups exist online. A quick Google search or search on social media will bring you to some of the most active communities online. If you would rather go to a support group in person, contact your family doctor. They should be able to tell you of any support groups in your area or direct you accordingly.

General Instructions

In order to have a healthy recovery from the surgery, you must take care that you exercise regularly, avoid lifting heavy weights, eat healthily and use ice packs to reduce swelling. We know this isn’t for everyone, especially those in extreme pain following hernia surgery with mesh. If you are feeling extreme pain and excessive movement isn’t an option, try stretching or other non-strenuous exercises. Don’t forget to ease into them, and speak to your doctor to learn how soon is too soon. You don’t want to jump into exercise as it may prolong recovery.

Know Your Legal Options

You have legal options. If you have experienced pain, suffering or injuries of any type following hernia mesh repair (or if you’ve had more than one surgery due to hernia mesh complications), then you could be entitled to compensation for your trouble. Many people are beginning to sue the corporations responsible for distributing defective hernia mesh products alleging negligence on behalf of the manufacturer. Victims have already started to win settlements. It’s not too late. If you’d like to know your legal options or determine whether your eligible for financial compensation, contact Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall PLLC today.